Elevating Tradition: A Modern Twist to the Chettiar Mansion by Cubism Architects and Interiors

Cubism Architects and Interiors breathe new life into the conventional Chettiar mansion, seamlessly blending traditional architectural typology with contemporary living—a harmonious fusion that resonates with modern lifestyles.

Embracing Tradition in Modern Living

In the heart of a residential gated community in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, Cubism Architects and Interiors craft a 10,500 sq. ft. family home. Employing an open-plan layout, the design prioritizes privacy, continuity, and a lush environment, skillfully erasing the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces.

A Nod to Chettinad Heritage

Drawing inspiration from the distinctive architecture of the Chettinad region, especially the Thotti Kattu Veedu or courtyard house, Ar. Prasanna Parvatikar takes a vernacular approach.

The hallmark of this approach is the introduction of a double-height sunlit central courtyard adorned with a tree standing on a granite water pool, surrounded by natural stones.

This central focal point dictates the layout of every functional space across both ground and first floors, including living areas, bedrooms, and the prayer room.

Sunlit Courts and Green Oasis

The house features multiple sunlit courts with internal gardens, seamlessly integrating nature into its core.

These green havens not only establish a perpetual connection to nature but also enhance ventilation for optimal temperature regulation, especially during the sweltering months.

The cuboid-shaped residence ensures that every space overlooks at least one interlinked green area, fostering a sense of tranquility and visual harmony.

The Symphony of Design

The formal living space extends gracefully into an internal sunlit courtyard and a garden with outer seating on Shira grey granite stone.

The lounge area seamlessly connects to a terrace garden, sheltered by a pergola roof that introduces chiaroscuro elements and filters in gentle sunlight. These design choices create a distinctive aesthetic, merging the indoors with the outdoors seamlessly.

Dining Amidst Nature’s Bounty

The dining room opens into yet another court adorned with lush greenery, featuring a waterfall on black antique granite as a stunning backdrop for a double-height sunlit wooden deck.

Natural light infiltrates every corner of the house, ensuring that even the restrooms maintain a connection to either a court or garden.

Contemporary Echoes of Tradition

The material palette, including wood-clad flooring and ceilings, repurposed wood pieces as statement light fixtures, and beige marble, pays homage to the traditional South Indian home in a modern context.

Heat-resistant high-tech glass partitions delineate each space while maintaining a sense of fluidity throughout the home. As day transitions to night, artificial lighting in the form of cove lights, spotlights, chandeliers, and wall-mounted lights transform the residence into a warm and inviting space.

In reimagining the Chettiar mansion, Cubism Architects and Interiors have not merely constructed a house but orchestrated a symphony of design elements that elevate tradition into a modern masterpiece. Witness the seamless integration of heritage and contemporary living in this architectural marvel.

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